Plastic Surgery | Grabb & Smith’s

1. Fundamental Principles of Plastic Surgery Part V Aesthetic Surgery 49. Forehead and Brow Rejuvenation forehead – evaluation aging face มีการเปลี่ยนแปลง -> muscle tone, volume , activity contribute of aging aging brow – Rx -> individualized , problem-based approach goal ในการทำ Brow rejuvenation Restoring eyebrow height maximizing symmetry minimizing visual impact of rhytids Forehead rejuvenation-Continue reading “Plastic Surgery | Grabb & Smith’s”

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Asians

Part I General Principles Part IV Cosmetic Surgery of the Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery of the Eyelid 23. Special Consideration in Cosmetic Surgery of the Asian Eyelid Anatomical Structures and Aesthetic Consideration of Asian Eyelids Double eyelid Folds attach levator palpebrae muscle – กับ anterior surface of tarsal plate เป็น thin fiber , เมื่อ muscle contractContinue reading “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Asians”